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Top Six Mustang Movie Chases

Top Six Mustang Movie Chases

The Ford Mustang is the quintessential American vehicle. Muscular and streamlined, the Mustang evokes a feeling of excitement and speed. Moviemakers have recognized the Mustang’s iconic status and striking visual impact, and they have put it to use in a number of adrenaline-fueled movie chase scenes.

Mustang Movie Chases

Whether it’s a classic version or a modern Mustang, the brand has stood the test of time, keeping its edge and its cool over five decades. Auto consumers checking out Mustangs at Indiana car dealerships may want to check out these iconic films and their Mustangs:


Bullitt poses a chicken and egg question. Did the Mustang make Bullitt or did Bullitt make the Mustang? The popularity of the Mustang arguably could have helped boost this 1969 film, but, at the same time, the film’s prominent featuring of a 1968 Mustang GT 390 also may have helped cement the Mustang’s status as an automotive icon.

Regardless, Bullitt is a classic, and deservedly earned an Academy Award for film editing. Bullitt has one of the most exciting car chases in movie history, a 10-minute nail-biter pitting Steve McQueen, a 60s and 70s action hero, against a murderer in a black Dodge Charger, in the streets of San Francisco. The film and its legendary chase scene are so well-regarded that Bullitt is preserved in the National Film Registry and the ’68 Shelby is a sought-after collector’s item. McQueen, of course, remains the undisputed king of vehicle chase sequences, being well-known for his motorcycle chase in The Great Escape.

Gone In 60 Seconds

In the original 1974 version of Gone in 60 Seconds, the protagonist of the film embarks on one of the most epic car chases of all time. In this chase, which lasts 40 minutes, the protagonist drives a 1973 Mustang Mach I through the streets of a California city, causing 93 cars to be destroyed along the way. A switch with another owner of a 1973 Mustang Mach I ends the chase. The Gone in 60 Seconds chase is the longest car chase in movie history, but even now the 40-minute long scene flies by as it continuously ratchets up the tension of the film.

Gone In 60 Seconds (2012)

The remake of Gone in 60 Seconds has divided many moviegoers and critics, with some praising it for being an impressive remake of the original film, and others deriding it as a shallow imitation of a classic. One thing it does have is a great chase scene. In the film, Nicholas Cage’s character flees from pursuers in a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT 500. The climax of the chase, and the film, involves an amazing jump over stalled traffic on the Saint Vincent Bridge.

I Am Legend

The modern Mustang continues to be used in film. In 2007’s I Am Legend, Will Smith flies through a post-apocalyptic New York in a GT 500. Smith, the lone survivor of a zombie plague, puts a silver lining on the near extinction of mankind by doing something everyone who has driven in New York has wanted to do – zoom through the city streets unimpeded by traffic.


The Mustang even makes it into the Bond series of adventure spy films. In Goldfinger, James Bond flees in his signature Aston Martin from a 1964 Mustang driven by a female character. Bond’s modified spy car wins the chase by puncturing the Mustang’s tires, but, in a fair fight, we all know the Mustang would have been the victor.

Diamonds Are Forever

The Mustang finally gets its due from the Bond series in Diamonds Are Forever. In this fast-paced spy film, Bond gives the slip to police in Las Vegas by driving a red 1971 Mustang through the narrow byways of Vegas alleys. In a high-octane chase, Bond’s vehicle goes up on two wheels and engages in other vehicular stunts.

History of the Mustang

The Ford Mustang, developed in 1964, started the pony car class of vehicles – that is, cars with long hoods and short rear decks.  The Mustang was an immediate hit with the car driving public, becoming an immediate best-seller. The second generation of the vehicle was popular at the time of its launch, but retrospective criticism has diminished its image. Successive generations of the vehicle have been well-received by both the public and the press. The vehicle will soon begin production of its sixth generation in 2015.

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